Myanmar Vinegar Manufacturing Process

Myanmar vinegar plant works with FRINGS technology, which ensures top quality products with a minimum of work and energy involved. The focus of this technology is the ACETATOR. In all process variations it is filled with the prepared mash and programmed quantity of nutrients. During fermentation a cooling curcuit takes care of the maintenance of an ideal temperature, foam which eventually develops in the course of fermentation is mechanically destroyed by a defoamer, the exhaust air is purified and useful substances are recycled to the ACETATOR through a condenser and a scrubber. In the continuous process ACETOCONTROL guarantees constant alcohol and acid concentrations in the ACETATOR by a permanent addition of mash and simultaneous withdrawal of vinegar. In the batch processes the alcohol probe ALKOSENS indicates the programmed end of a fermentation phase, and ACETOCONTROL initiates the discharge of the finished vinegar. In addition, in high-strength processes the substrate is permanently concentrated with alcohol by means of ALKOSENS control measurements. In the dual stage process, the discharged vinegar is processed further in a second ACETATOR until fermentation stops and the maximum acidity has been reached. In the final produce undergoes filtration in the FRINGS cross-flow filters and is collected in a storage tank.


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